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Usually, unless made compulsory, travel insurance is considered to be additional expense in the overall trip outflow. In contrast, it is a wise decision to cover all kind of unforeseen circumstances like air accident, baggage loss, passport loss, medical emergency, sudden cancellation of travel plans and damage to the personal property which can cause sudden huge financial loss. Depending on the country that you are visiting and the number of days of your trip, a nominal premium amount will be charged. Insurers also offer customized travel insurance schemes for the benefit of customers. Read on to discover more about a travel insurance policy and how it will ensure that your trips are comfortable and peaceful.

Types of Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance: For customers who are travelling within the country. It provides coverage for medical emergencies, permanent disability and death, checked-in lost/stolen baggage, travel delay and personal liability.

International travel insurance: For customers who are travelling overseas. It provides a comprehensive coverage for medical expenses overseas, hijack, baggage and travel delays, and repatriations/evacuation to India, and loss of travel documents/passport besides the usual coverage.

Student Travel Insurance: For students travelling abroad on student visa to pursue higher studies. There is minimum paperwork involved in student plans. The coverage is comprehensive and provides for expenses incurred on medical treatment, passport loss, and study interruptions.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: For people who belong to the age group 61-70. It includes coverage for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization besides the usual benefits associated with travel insurance.

Family Travel Insurance: For the entire family of the insured individual during travel from travel related emergencies. Family travel insurance covers hospitalization (travel medical insurance), baggage loss, and other incidental expenses. The claim disbursement is easy with minimal paperwork involved.

Individual Travel Insurance: For a single individual covering him from travel related contingencies. Through individual insurance, you can get coverage against cancellation of trip, home burglary and trip curtailment.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Insurance that offers extended coverage usually for a year, specially designed for frequent fliers for multiple trips so that they don’t have to apply for insurance every time they travel.

Single Trip Insurance: Insurance that provides coverage for the duration of a single trip. It takes care of medical (travel health insurance) and non-medical emergencies during travel including coverage for loss of checked-in baggage.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

1. Covers Medical Treatment

2. Visa Requirement: It is mandatory to have medical insurance in some countries if you have to apply for that country’s VISA. Getting a travel insurance will greatly simplify your Visa application process.

3. Cover for Emergencies: Medical emergencies, flight cancellation, missed flights, loss of personal baggage and trip cancellation etc.

4. Efficient Coverage: when you are travelling overseas and you have taken an international travel insurance policy, you pay your premium in rupees but the coverage is in the corresponding foreign currency.

5. Cover Loss/Theft of Belongings

6. Covers Passport: Also, expenses incurred towards the procurement of a duplicate/temporary passport are also covered under travel insurance policy.

However, flights/trains missed due to local protests/civil war, expenses incurred due to local protests/civil unrest, pre-existing conditions leading to hospitalization, baggage delay that is less than 24 hours and damage/loss of keys are not covered in Travel Insurance.


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